TBS P.A.C.T. Curriculum 
The Brunswick School proudly boasts a unique curriculum that provides our students the opportunity to learn independently through play and developmentally appropriate, teacher/student led activities using real world themes the children can relate to.  

The Brunswick School we have developed our own curriculum known as The P.A.C.T., which stands for The Progressive Approach to Curriculum & Teaching.  While we do follow a teacher led program model, our program incorporates a community classroom experience in its teaching and learning approach. Both the teachers and the students are co-authors in the curricular experience.  

The P.A.C.T curriculum is our TBS created, inhouse curriculum that utilizes a WHOLISTIC approach to teaching. This inhouse approach allows teachers to differentiate each child’s education based on their developmental needs. Our WHOLISTIC approach means that we teach to the whole child. We believe that the whole child approach to teaching strives to meet all the needs of students and addressing each of the learning domains that make up the whole child. Teachers use this approach when crafting their lesson plans and taking into consideration each child’s learning domain:
  • social, emotional
  • language
  • self-help
  • fine motor  
  • gross motor
  • cognitive 
  • learning style & character development
We believe that teaching to the whole child makes sure that all learning areas of the child are being met and developed simultaneously from infants all the way up to elementary. Our classrooms are designed to reflect the uniqueness of each classroom, both teachers and students. Classroom materials are specifically selected to meet the developmental needs of our students and teachers use their knowledge of each child to craft meaningful lesson plans and conduct organic and objective assessments of each student. 

Because we understand that each child develops differently and at a different pace, teachers are able to differentiate the learning and meet children where they are at. Teachers can then create lessons that help enhance and challenge skills that children have already mastered OR help reinforce skills that may still need some growth or development. We believe that that students development follows a predictable sequence and that we do not compare students’ growth and development to one another. Our students have multiple opportunities to independently make choices and are active participants in their learning. Our teachers provide an environment that allows each child to feel secure, safe, and make independent or guided choices. Students have multiple opportunities to engage in teacher-directed small group activities that offer up opportunities to explore, investigate, and discover.